Relationship Ranging from Personality traits/Proportions and Fear of No Mobile phone Connections (nomophobia): Result of a great Lebanese Federal Study

Relationship Ranging from Personality traits/Proportions and Fear of No Mobile phone Connections (nomophobia): Result of a great Lebanese Federal Study

Joseph Age. Dib, PhD a good ; Rabih Hallit, MD b ; Marwan Akel, PharmD, Miles per hour, PhD c ; Clarissa Chalhoub, MD b ; Maria Hachem, MD b ; Souheil Hallit, PharmD, PhD, MSc, Mph b,d,elizabeth,‡, *; and you may Sahar Obeid, PhD f,‡


Objective: To examine nomophobia for the a massive take to out-of Lebanese adults and you will its reference to character traits or any other sociodemographic facts that can subscribe to the brand new medical diagnosis such intercourse, parental position, and you will smoking.

Methods: This cross-sectional studies is conducted between . A total of 2,260 people randomly chosen away from areas inside Lebanon completed a survey about sociodemographic trait and puffing. Respondents and additionally accomplished new Nomophobia Questionnaire, Identification Index to have DSM-5, and you may NEO Four-Factor List.

Results: The outcome out of an effective linear regression, using the nomophobia score once the centered variable, showed that large neuroticism (B = 0.648), number of waterpipes used weekly (B = 0.749), and you may disinhibition (B = 0.706) was significantly on the large nomophobia, while alot more agreeableness (B = ?0.535) and you will detachment (B = ?0.594) was significantly from the all the way down nomophobia.

Connection Between Personality traits/Size and you will Concern about Zero Mobile phone Connectivity (nomophobia): Results of good Lebanese National Study

Conclusions: This research examined this new type of inherent characteristics playing with 2 validated character questionnaires as well as their relationship that have nomophobia. Given that digital explore grows more prevalent in this personal and you may top-notch issue from lifestyle, nomophobia you’ll end up being a fear exposure. Upcoming studies is to manage precautionary and medication methods on sorts of good sense tricks.

In order to mention: Dib JE, Hallit Roentgen, Akel M, et al. Connection between character traits/proportions and fear of no smartphone associations (nomophobia): result of a beneficial Lebanese federal study. Demure Care and attention Mate CNS Disord. 2022;24(5):21m03036. To talk about:

a department away from Psychiatry and Health-related Therapy, University regarding Treatments, University regarding Nottingham, Nottingham, Uk b College or university out of Medicine and you can Medical Sciences, Holy Spirit College or university off Kaslik, Jounieh, Lebanon c University out-of Drugstore, Lebanese Around the globe School, Beirut, Lebanon d Lookup Institution, Psychological Healthcare of one’s Cross, Jal Eddib, Lebanon e Psychology Company, College or university regarding Humanities, Effat School, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia f Public and you can Studies Sciences Institution, School out-of Arts and Sciences, Lebanese Western College, Jbeil, Lebanon ‡Past co-experts. *Associated article authors: Souheil Hallit, PharmD, PhD, MSc, Miles per hour, School away from Medicine and Scientific Sciences, Holy Heart College or university out of Kaslik, PO Package 446, Jounieh, Lebanon () and Sahar Obeid, PhD, Societal and you can Knowledge Sciences Institution, School out of Arts and you can Sciences, Lebanese American College or university, Jbeil, Lebanon ().

This new ever-growing entry to electronic systems such pcs, pills, and you will phones is resulting in alterations in individuals’ habits and you may behavior. step 1 Nomophobia, recognized as a fear, discomfort, and you can anxiety one to is inspired by the fresh nonavailability of these digital gadgets, dos could have been titled a disorder of modern world and you may only has started used in modern times. Hence, its suggestion to own addition throughout the current DSM-5 is still right up to have discussion, 3 toward DSM-IV cuatro saying that to possess an official diagnosis off public fear diseases becoming made, nomophobia must be leading to a significant disturbance for the an essential area of person’s lifestyle (leisure, social lifestyle, work). Today, it is difficult to determine just what constitutes a complete diagnosis alternatively than just characteristics of the diseases. 3 The signs of nomophobia throughout the literature depict it an excellent diseases that have each other anxiety and you will addicting practices eg getting stressed on the being instead cellphone otherwise net connection, always examining getting announcements (known as ringxiety), preferring virtual telecommunications over genuine-big date telecommunications, and running into loans otherwise higher expense regarding mobile phone fool around with. step three Considering the large amount regarding literature into the nomophobia, it may be contended that the infection stays understudied because of brand new different general products from the it eg personality traits, market points, and you may material use, 5 and that this study commonly seek to target.

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