Essential Trini Jargon You need to know Prior to Seeing Trinidad and you may Tobago

Essential Trini Jargon You need to know Prior to Seeing Trinidad and you may Tobago

Grams rowing upwards in Trinidad and you can Tobago, I happened to be always in the middle of folks from different ethnicities, races, and you will values, descendants of those who arrived of throughout the globe – Indian, Foreign-language, United kingdom, Chinese, African, and you may French, among others. The music and you may way of living your country, and our very own dialects, ornaments, and you may sayings, echo the new steeped records who’s generated Trinbago what it is today. If you are planning to consult with, studying some Trini jargon is really as important due to the fact obtaining the correct knowledge on your pack.

Instance of need and you can translation: “Dat woman rel bess” = “You to definitely woman is really aroused” / “Dat rel bess” = “That is very super”

Explanation: “Lime” are a keyword included in Trinidad and you may Tobago, and about Caribbean, while the a word to possess “a conference” otherwise “to hang out.” In the place of “No Loitering” signs, possible could see signs one say, “Zero liming.” “Lime” can be used since the one another a verb and you will a beneficial noun.

Instance of use and you can translation: “As soon as we limin’?” = “When try we probably hang out?” / “I’m with an orange this evening” = “I am that have a get-together tonight”

Exemplory instance of usage and you will translation: “You going to sleep owah?” = “You going to sleep or just what?”/ “You like the girl owah?” = “You like this lady or just what?”

You have been authorized!

Explanation: “DDI” is an acronym to own “Down di Isles.” It’s an expression always refer to countries from the northwest shore away from Trinidad. A few of these countries enjoys properties in it and you may customers normally wade DDI on their own boats towards the vacations and you can holidays. You don’t need to individual your own home or ship in order to go DDI, however. You can rent a yacht, come across people to squeeze into, otherwise befriend a district fisherman and you can anchor in a beneficial bay otherwise near a beach and have fun regarding the water. During the vacations and you will vacations, many young adults exists DDI, watching water-based activities, an excellent lime, and the unexpected DDI people.

Explanation: “Wine” or “wining” is the name supplied to the fresh new dancing from Trinidad and you can Tobago. It’s just like what people in the usa label “grinding.” However, new course of the hips are a whole lot more liquid. A familiar statement directed at individuals who can also be drink well try, “Yuh grease yuh waist,” that is meant to imply the person’s hips circulate thus fluidly it’s since if they certainly were oiled.


Explanation: “Bacchanal” is a term put frequently to mention in order to crisis. It may also imply having fun in the a party, once the heard from the well-accepted Festival track into the Trinidad and you may Tobago entitled “Bacchanalist,” by Kerwin Du Bois.

Waz di world

Meaning: Literaly “what is the scene?” it is understood because “what’s happening?” otherwise “what’s going on?” Even in the event comparable, it should not be confused with “waz your own scene?” (look for below).

Explanation: Just “Waz your own world?”, each other terms and conditions were used in cases of indignation, regardless of if “wam” can also be used in an informal trend, because the meaning “what’s up?”

Illustration of incorporate and you will translation: “Wam to you?” or “Waz your own scene?” = ‘What’s the matter with you?” / “Ey, wam?” = “Hello, what’s up?”

Meaning: Just like the term “dawg” in several other parts of the globe – essentially, a way to target a pal.

Explanation: “Hoss” means a pal in the same way as the “padna” (Trinidadian term actually definition “partner” however, knew just like the “friend”) – exactly as a pony will be your operating mate. Over time, the expression “hoss” has brought for the the significance within the Trinidad and you can Tobago. Rather than just speaking about a pal, it can be utilized rather than the term “weys.” Having fun with “hoss” in this way is nearly a mixture of “weys” and you may “hoss,” while the presenter is typically wanting to draw the eye from a friend.

Note: So it Trini slang term is not used by the fresh new more mature age group, which is maybe not read any place else from the Caribbean.

Illustration of utilize and you may interpretation: “Waz di world, hoss?” = “What’s going on, dawg” / “HOSSSSSSS, you notice you to definitely?” = “Buddy, did you see that?”

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